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"Building a Nation of Resiliency"

Critical Infrastructure Protection
At Global Security Defense, our Expert Team recognizes and understands the The Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience, as well as the importance of advancing a national continuity and group effort to strengthen and maintain the functionality, security, and resiliency of not just national, but global critical infrastructure systems.

Our critical infrastructures provide the absolute essential services that allow for continuity of vital societal and governmental operations and functionality. Ongoing proactive and coordinated efforts are necessary to protect, strengthen, and maintain our critical infrastructure systems – including assets, networks, and systems – that are critical for global civilian confidence, national security, prosperity, and overall well-being.

The Global Security Defense team understands that critical infrastructure systems are diverse and complex.  Our team also understands that Critical Infrastructure owners, operators, and stakeholders, are uniquely positioned and expected to proactively mitigate and manage risks to their individual operations and assets, by determining and implementing strategic and effective mitigation and continuity plans to make their systems as secure and resilient as possible.

Our Critical Infrastructure systems must remain protected and secured, with the ability to withstand and rapidly recover from all hazards and threats, whether natural hazards, solar/space weather events, or terrorist/national security risks. The Global Security Defense Team has a mission to establish and enhance overall coordination and collaboration for Critical Infrastructure protection, security, resiliency, and continuity.  Our Team has effectively added value to the security and resilience efforts of critical infrastructure owners, operators, and Government sectors, by providing military-trained protection and security teams, military-designed vulnerability assessments, and strategic forecasting, continuity plans, and emergency preparedness, with our Homeland Security and United States Government consultants.  Our team offers subject matter experts with uniquely designed sustainability and continuity plans to meet all Critical Infrastructure sectors needs.  Please contact us today to discuss how we can assist in the necessary advanced planning for Critical Infrastructure protection, security, continuity, and sustainability with a strategic proactive (rather than reactive) approach.
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