Global Security Defense
"Building a Nation of Resiliency"

Our Mission in Community Resilience and Continuity

Global Security Defense provides a single liaison between community resident members to ensure proper training and education in protection and defense, medic skills, emergency response, disaster preparedness planning, and with necessary supplies for up to one year of sustainability, survivability, and continuity in a national security threat or disaster event scenario.  

The focus of our subject matter experts and training is to provide a proactive approach in mitigating and planning.  Offering the necessary skill sets, supplies, training, continuing education, and situational/environmental awareness to collaborate sustainable communities on a national level, preparing populations for natural disasters or man-made threat events with strategic solutions for survivability and continuity.

Disasters affect millions of people each year on a personal, business, local community or national level. The golden rule for successful disaster management at all levels is to increase awareness, develop actions plans, and practice them. Waiting for a disaster to take place is not the right time to plan. Communicating and building relationships with those around you, whether they contribute actively to the plan or are dependent on it, will have the most significant and positive affect in determining your resiliency throughout an event. 
Community Preservation Memberships
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Community Preservation Memberships Include: 

Organized Community Preservation Team Member 

You will become a Resident Member of your Community Preservation Team Network, where you will collaborate, communicate, educate, strategically plan, and grow into a resilient and sustainable community of like-minded civilians.  Like-minded individuals and families will have strategic community plans of action in place for the event of any natural disaster or national security threat event.  All members will have the supplies, protection, education, and training to work together in such scenarios to protect and sustain their communities, with the piece of mind to know you hold expert skill sets and supplies to sustain the necessary elements.  Please refer to the downloadable Membership Brochure for detailed information on Membership Benefits, Application Process, Cost, and Payment Options.

  • Organized Community Preservation Team - Networking Events, Continued Education, and Training 
  • Firearm and Survival Skill Training Courses
  • CERT Training
  • HAM Radio Training
  • Bailout Bag Planning Courses
  • Special Force Medic Training Courses
  • Emergency Preparedness Supply Kit (as outlined in Membership Brochure)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Strategic Planning Sessions for Community Preservation and Continuity designed for specific threat scenarios for each community location
  • Emergency and Disaster Guide/Checklist
  • Current Membership Directory 
  • Site Vulnerability Assessment 
  • Continuing Education, Training, and Threat Assessments (as outlined in Membership Brochure)
  • Wholesale Discount Price for Tactical, Riot, Bulletproof Gear
  • Wholesale Discount Price for additional Emergency Supplies
  • Discount pricing on additional training packages

What is CERT Training and what does CERT Training include?
(Requirement to be completed by all community resident members) 

In an emergency, CERT-Trained residents first ensure the safety of themselves and their families. They can then work outward to the neighborhood or office and beyond until first responders arrive. Finally, they can assist first-response personnel as directed. During training, residents learn to:

  • Prepare for the hazards that threaten their communities.
  • Locate and turn off utilities.
  • Extinguish small fires.
  • Identify hazardous materials situations.
  • Triage and treat victims.
  • Set up a medical treatment area.
  • Conduct searches and rescues in lightly and moderately damaged structures.
  • Understand the psychological impact of a disaster on themselves and others.
  • Organize CERT members and spontaneous volunteers for an effective and safe response.

(All members will complete CERT Training and may select an inclusive “protective training” package, with additional packages offered at a discounted rate for members only.)  

Protective Training Packages:

All “protective training” packages can be taken on-site of member location (home or business) and will include a site vulnerability assessment customized to the member, or members can choose to attend training at our Tactical Defense Training School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Training must be completed within 3 months of membership attainment. Drawing from our combat experience and proven techniques while engaging in multiple combatant theatres; our redefined techniques allowed for our survivability and that of our teammates. The Global Security Defense Team leverages the experience from former Special Operations and Elite Military operators that will provide a no nonsense approach to realistic training. From Law Enforcement officers to civilian we will get our customers to their desired endstate.

All courses were developed from combat proven warriors that continue to push for the next evolution in aggressive shooting and weapons handling. Our unconventional training strategies provides a program that focuses around speed and accuracy while building the proper foundation for understanding the mental and physical effects of the human body while under stress. Please download the "protective training" packages brochure or inquire directly for your confidential training needs. We serve all sectors: civilian, private, military, and government. Once you have the training and necessary education, you have no fear. Prepare and protect your most important assets today.