Global Security Defense
"Building a Nation of Resiliency"

About Us
Global Security Defense Mission

Global Security Defense provides a proactive liaison between community networks/planners, private entities, critical infrastructures, and military/government sectors, to ensure proper training and education in protection and defense, medical training skills, communications, emergency response, disaster preparedness planning, with a professional expert approach to sustainability, survivability, and continuity in a national security threat or disaster event scenario.  

The focus of our subject matter experts and training is to provide a proactive (rather than reactive) approach to mitigation and emergency planning. Our Team offers the unique skill sets, supplies, training, continuing education, and situational/environmental awareness to collaborate and build sustainable communities on a national level, preparing populations for natural disasters or man-made threat events with strategic solutions for resiliency, sustainability, and continuity of operations.

Disasters affect millions of people each year on a personal, business, local, or national level. Waiting for a disaster to take place is not the right time to plan. The golden rule for successful disaster management at all levels is to increase awareness, develop action plans, and practice them, utilizing a proactive approach.  Proactive strategic  planning, resilient communication networks, and expert education/training in threat mitigation and sustainability, will offer the most significant and positive outcomes of continuity throughout any event. 

What We Can D​o

  • Evaluate and quantify risk levels of any given event, and probable occurrence within or during specific period of time or under selected conditions - (high probability with low impact / low probability with high impact scenarios)

  • Offer education, subject matter expertise, strategic planning, and ongoing vulnerability assessments for specific community locations

  • Personal Tactical, Defense, Firearm, Survival Skill, and Community Emergency Response Training Courses for Civilian, Military, and Government Sectors

  • Analyze market data and daily Intel to conduct investigative studies and provide community alerts and informational resources to all members

  • Prepare detailed quantitative and/or qualitative terrorism and natural hazards risk planning reports as well as options for considerations and distribute to all resident community members as necessary

  • Conduct SME Vulnerability/Threat Assessments

  • Maintain liaison between local, state, and federal sectors; military and law enforcement professionals; as well as advanced forecasting team members to include meteorologists, electromagnetic energy and planetary risk experts, space weather analysts, and miscellaneous contracted professionals and researchers. 

  • Ensure ongoing precise data on weather, planetary, economic, and national security threats to keep clients/members and community coalitions “in the know”, securing strategic sustainability and continuity efforts with effective multi-hazard preparedness plans

  • Cognizance and attuned communication throughout all communities and client sectors

  • Consult on Vulnerability and Risk Assessments to deploy counter measures for building precautions to include alarm management, CCTV cameras, and protective barriers/perimeters

  • Facilitate ongoing Emergency Table Top Exercises with all Community Directors/Members to address current threats and risks, as well as strategic planning for continuity and sustainability for each community location, with available webinar for those members who are unable to attend in person.

Potential Threat Event Scenarios

  • Natural Disasters
  • Black Swan Events
  • National Grid Collapse: Man-Made or Natural  EMP/HEMP event or Nuclear Attack
  • Severe Space Weather/Solar Events 
  • Economic Collapse
  • Counter-terrorism/War Threats
  • Urban Warfare
  • Radiation and Biological Warfare

Sectors Served

  • Civilian Families – All civilian individuals and/or families 
  • Civilian Businesses – Critical Infrastructure, Energy Sectors, Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial, SB, etc
  • Educational Facilities – Universities/Colleges, K-12 Schools, etc
  • Emergency Care Facilities – Hospitals, Urgent and Emergency Care Center, Ambulatory, etc
  • Government – State, Federal, Local, County, DHS, DoD, FEMA, etc
  • Military – OPSOC, JSOC, JTFF, etc
  • Law Enforcement – Local Police Dept, OEM (Office of EM), FBI, etc
  • Emergency Management Offices and City Planners 
  • Community Development/HOA organizations
  • IPP - Infrastructure Protection Planners
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